Why You Shouldn't Spy on Your Teen.

Posted by LGGPS
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You may be asking yourself, "Wait a second, these guys sell GPS Trackers? They sell stuff so I can Spy on my teen!"  Then why would we have an article talking about not spying on your teen?  Because monitoring your teen is not the same as spying on your teen. Spying is defined by The Free Dictionary as "To observe secretly with hostile intent."  We strongly believe that you should tell your teen about the tracker and explain why it is in their car.


Putting a GPS Tracker on your teens car does not mean you are spying on them or don't trust them, it means you care about them and want them to be safe.  It gives you peace of mind and can help build trust between you and your teen.  I am not saying that just because I want you to buy a GPS tracker from LifeGuard GPS I am saying that as the father of two teenagers. One that is driving and one that is about to drive.  I have a tracker on my daughters car and it has been on it from day 1. She has known about it from the begining and is OK with it.  She is a good kid and does not get in trouble, makes good grades.  I did not put the tracker on her car to catch her doing the wrong thing so I could punish her.  I put it on there so I would KNOW that she was driving safe and going where she told me she was going.  It has built trust because I KNOW that she goes where she tells me she was going. I KNOW she is not speeding. I KNOW when she left school and I KNOW when she got home.  Without a GPS Tracker I would BELIEVE she was doing the right thing but with it I KNOW.


I would NEVER suggest you put a tracker on your teens car without telling them about it and explaining why it is on there.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It is a violation of privacy and when they find out (and they will) they will be angry and feel that you do not trust them.
  2. The main purpose of the tracker is to STOP bad driving habits.  If they don't know it is there it is not a useful tool.
  3. Explaining why you are putting a tracker in their vehicle opens lines of communication and builds trust.
  4. If they know about it they can use it as a reason to not do someting someone is trying to pressure them to do. (Go to a party instead of the movies)


My daughter has been driving for almost a year now and I trust her when she tells me she is going to the movies.  I know she drives the speed limit. In short I know she is a good driver and is responsible.  One of the reasons is even though I have not been in the car with her everywhere she drives...the GPS Tracker has and that is the next best thing.