How Parents Can Stop Teens From Speeding

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A teen driver drives an automobile swiftly pass you. You're surprised how fast, and recklessly the automobile was speeding.


Though the automobile that just passed you wasn't going 100 miles per hour, its speed was definitely inappropriate. Worse, what happened didn't occur on a freeway, it took place on a city street.


Like most adults in that situation, you shake your head in bewilderment. It wasn't the first time that happened, nor will it be the last. And if you're a parent (with a teen driver) who saw what I just explained, it's hard not to have the following thought...


"How does my teen driver handle the automobile when he or she knows I'm unable to see or know? How can I know when my teen driver speeds?"


Wow we could not have said it better ourselves!  The above comes from a website providing information of Auto Innovation, Auto tech to drive safely, Auto Safety and Teen Driving. They go on to say in the article: "The solution to stop your teen driver from speeding or driving the automobile recklessly is found in a combination of steps you can take...did you install in the vehicle an electronic speed monitoring device or an GPS locator that can track the whereabouts of the automobile your teen is driving?"


We agree 100%! One of the BEST ways to stop your teen from speeding is to install a GPS Tracker.  Think about it, does your teen ever speed when you are in the car with them? NO! With a GPS Tracker (especially one with speed alert text messages like ours) it is just like you are in the car with them every minute of every day. According to the CDC vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death in teens and excessive speed was a contributing factor in many of them. Below are results from a survey of teens by the Allstate Foundation.  The numbers speak for themselves, more than likely your teen is speeding. We can help you help your teen to be a better driver with a GPS Tracker.

  • Speeding
    • 17 percent of teens said speeding is fun.
    • 55 percent of teens said they exceed the speed limit by more than 10 mph.
    • 26 percent of self-identified "aggressive" teen drivers reported speeding by more than 20 mph over the limit.
    • 69 percent of teens who speed said they do so because they want to keep up with traffic.