Don't Track Your Teens Cell Phone

Posted by LGGPS
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Many parents that want to keep tabs on their teenagers are using GPS tracking apps via their teen’s cellular phones. These services allow parents to acquire a teen’s location. These apps may give parents peace-of-mind, but they need to know of all the problems associated with GPS tracking apps on phones, and why a vehicle GPS Tracking system is superior and in some cases more affordable.


Slick marketing from the cellular companies try and sell parents with the notion that a cellular phone app that uses GPS tracking can improve safety and accountability, tracking apps for phones have many weaknesses. The biggest problem is that these apps can very easily be controled by a crafty teen. All they have to do is turn off the phone right before they are ready to go to a party.


Turning a cell phone off is one way a teen can stop a parent from accessing their location, but many times teens do not even need to do that because of the accuracy issues with cell phone tracking apps. In many phones, position is calculated through a process called cellular triangulation this uses cell phone towers to pinpoint location, not the Global Positioning System. If you’ve ever had bad cell service, a dropped call or any other problem making a call on a cell phone you understand how errors could easily occur. These factors have resulted in cell phone tracking apps showing a teen’s location miles away from their location.


Installing a NFT-4550 or NFT-OBD on your teens vehicle is the best and most accurate way to locate where a teen is at or where they have been and how fast they are driving.


Parents need to do research if they want to purchase a device that will help them to improve teen safety through monitoring of driving habits, and location history. Many of the cell phone tracking apps sound really cool and high-tech but, the truth is they are easily bypassed and not incredibly reliable. Not to mention, most only give you a location when you request it.